3 ways to find a replacement part

  1. Contact Your Versalift Distributor  Versalift distributors stock your parts locally and have the expertise, relationships and experience that create incredible value for customers in their region.  With decades of expertise, they are the best route to keeping your aerial lift out working on the job site.
  2. Call toll-free at (866) LIFT-U-UP – Experienced factory representatives are standing by to answer your tough questions, resolve your concerns and take your parts orders. The Customer Support Team, which is open during regular business hours. Call 866-543-8887, in many cases you with be transferred to a local distributor who can get your your parts faster.
  3. Versalift Online Parts Store – 24 hour access to the Versalift online parts store allows customers to place their orders when it is most convenient to them. No sign in is required – simply use an email address and pay by credit card.

Replacement Versalift Parts 

Versalift equipment offers the lowest true cost of ownership through smarter and more reliable design. Versalift aerial lifts are lighter and stronger, and so last longer. Boasting the industry’s lowest product recall and warranty rates, Versalift equipment creates lasting value for fleets and contractors. 

  • Built to Last – Versalift aerial lifts are built to last, though it is true that parts will occasionally need to be replaced. 
  • No Required Replacement Parts – Versalift aerial lifts have no required replacement parts, and there are no mandatory tear downs of our lifts. 
  • Customer Support Available Locally and Nationwide – If a part does need to be replaced, please contact us toll free at (866) 543-8887, or call your Versalift distributor directly. 
  • Flexible Small Parts Shipping Solutions – If what you need is simply a small part, we can overnight it to you and quickly get you back to the job site. 
  • Custom Large Parts Shipping Solutions – If the required part is large, we’ll send the part to meet you at one of 24 service centers to get your equipment back up and running quickly.


Versalift Parts Are Sourced Locally & Finished In-House

Picking local part suppliers is part of our way of doing business. Sometimes it makes more sense to hire a local shop that works with Aluminum and other times it makes sense to build parts in-house. In all cases, we begin with raw materials and locally-sourced parts and deliver finished products. Our manufacturing and engineering teams have generations of experience selecting parts and assembling aerial lifts. Versalift equipment is finished, painted and assembled in-house, at our wholly-owned manufacturing plants. 

Versalift Parts – Know Your Lift

Every Versalift bucket truck, cable placer and digger derrick is delivered with its own operator’s manual, specifically printed for that unit. Every manual comes matched to its unit, with the unit’s serial number printed on it. It is required by law to have that manual with the equipment at all times. 

Versalift Global Partner Program

The Versalift Global Partner Program (VGPP) is available to all Versalift customers, whether they have purchased one unit or a large fleet. VGPP offers Versalift customers several useful tools, including ordering regular parts and pulling up a build list for any specific Versalift unit, including part numbers and manufacturing date for every original part on every lift. Live customer support is available during regular business hours, or if you are clear on exactly what you need, you can order it online through the Versalift Parts store, and it will ship. Billing is available through either PO or credit card.
Versalift Innovations
A walk through the Versalift Production line is like a journey through innovation. Some aspects of your bucket truck design and build process are similar to what you may remember from back when Versalift manufactured its first Aerial Lift in 1965. Other aspects of Versalift design and fabrication are ultra modern, with technicians and engineers using Plasma and Laser cutting tools, modern chemical treatment processes and computer coding that follow strict ISO protocols. 
Versalift Parts – A Final Note
At Versalift, we are committed to taking our parts as seriously as we take our safety standards. If your required part is a painted component, it will be put through our wet-on-wet painting process in order to deliver the world-class automotive finish that appears on all new Versalift equipment.
Get parts for Versalift Aerial lifts, digger derricks and cable placers shipped directly to your door.