Bucket Cover


Bucket Cover

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Bucket Cover –  24″ x 24″ is designed to protect the essential equipment inside the Versalift Aerial device from the elements.  This durable Black Vinyl Bucket Cover slips over the top of the bucket and keeps out rain, snow, and debris.  Additionally the cover provides protection from UV rays that can prematurely age the bucket and tools when not protected.

Always Perform Daily Visual Maintenance and Inspection Checks – upon removing the bucket cover, please inspect all equipment visually in accordance with the procedures described in your aerial lift operations manual.

The vinyl platform bucket cover works with any brand 24″ X 24″ bucket and is available with expedited shipping.   The measurement of the bucket is taken from the inside of the bucket a few inches from the top.  This does not include the lip on the top which can vary by 2 to 4 inches additional.

Item ships in 1 to 2 business days.